Arezoo Jalali Self PortraitAcclaimed Californian photographer Arezoo Jalali is a talented creative who has been building a portfolio of work that continually adds to her glowing reputation.Growing up with her artist father and watching him create the vibrancy of his cultural heritage on canvas, Arezoo has been fascinated with color, texture and the field of vision ever since. Capturing moments in time that only a true artist can foresee, her work has featured on the covers of local and international magazines.From fashion covers to the runway, from family to the most intimate of portraits, she has been able to redefine the role of the artist behind the camera. Her love of fine art is beautifully combined with her ambition to discover the very essence of her subjects and uncovering their inner beauty through her intoxicating lens.She walks her clients through the entire process, whether it be a full fashion shoot or a more natural environment, so that they are comfortable with the entire personal journey. As a result of that emotional and professional embrace, her work has made her one of the in-demand photographers in the industry.

“I adapt to any given situation and try and bring out the beauty that is already there”

Arezoo’s passion to turn your dream into a reality is what drives her to create the perfect vision that will capture your unique moment forever.